5 Things You Might Not Know About Facebook


I think we can all agree, Facebook is pretty tricky sometimes. Once we think we’ve figured it out, they go and change something on us. It’s frustrating, I know. I’ve done some research, though, and I’ve found a couple of cool things that I think can help you and your Facebook viewing pleasure.

1. Interest Lists
Facebook has this awesome feature that allows you to make lists of your interests. Essentially, you can take all of the pages you’ve liked, and put them into different categories. Your news feed may get pretty crowded with cat videos and pictures of your friends’ kids. This feature rocks because you can click on your list, and see posts ONLY from the pages you’ve selected.
1On the left hand side, all the way down at the bottom, you should see a section that says “Interests.” When you hover your mouse over it, you’ll see a link that says MORE. Click on it.
You’ll want to click “Add Interests” and then “Create List.”
4Then this cool little box comes up that holds all of your “interests,” or pages that you’ve liked over the years. Don’t judge me for liking Nsync, and I have NO idea when I liked a page called “Boys” but that definitely needs to go. So anyway, you just go through and click on all the interests that you want in one list. For example, I went through and checked all of my fellow bloggers! After you click next, it will ask you to give the list a title and give you privacy settings. You can choose to make it public, friends only, or only you – in which case, no one can see it. After you’re done, you’ll have an awesome stream that looks like a news feed, with just those pages you selected. Pretty cool!

2. Add friends you don’t interact with much to an Acquaintances List in one click.
This is another one of my personal favorites. We all have people on our friends list that we don’t interact with much. Click here to see a list of them, and add them to an acquaintances list. It’ll hide these people from your news feed without deleting them from your friends list!

3. Save articles/videos for later!
Have you ever been scrolling through your news feed, see an article of some kind that you’d love to read, but for whatever reason, don’t have time at the moment? Or maybe you’re distracted by the TV show you’ve been binge watching on Netflix. Well, don’t worry. You can now SAVE them for later. It works with things like links to articles or videos. I used this lame article on my news feed as an example.
8Later, when it’s more convenient, you can find all your saved articles on the left hand side, under “Messages, Events, Photos.” It’s a link that says “Saved.” It’s pretty self explanatory..

4. Hide a status update from certain people.
Want to post an inappropriate status, but DON’T want your mom or grandma to see it? Fret not; you can hide the status update from them.

11Click on the privacy settings for the post, it will probably say “friends” and it’s right next to the post button. Click on “Custom” and in the second box, you can type the name/names of those you don’t want to see the post. Sneaky. 😉

5. Stop notifications on a post.
This happens all the time.. You comment on someone’s status, and then get a notification EVERY time someone else comments. It’s annoying as heck, because half the time, I don’t know the other people who are commenting. And I generally don’t care what the other people have to say. Here’s how to stop those notifications from blowing up your phone.
12Just click on that little arrow at the top of the post, and click “Turn off Notifications.” So simple!

Let’s talk. Do you have any Facebook tips/tricks that I may not have heard of? Comment & let me know!

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  • Awesome! I knew about saving posts, because I do it from my phone all the time. I hate trying to read articles on that tiny screen. I have more than 30 things saved and I try to go through and read a few at a time. Now I need to go make some interest lists and hide some acquaintances!