About Me

Okay, does anyone actually enjoy writing about themselves? Does this come easy to anyone!?

I guess I’ll give it a shot.

I am a Jeep obsessed, 27 year old, living in southern California. (Been here my entire life.. Super exciting huh?) I like to call myself a “beautiful disaster.” My life, so far, has been made up of mostly good intentioned mistakes. I took the road less traveled in life, and believe that I am a better, stronger person because of it.


^^This is me. One of my many talents is taking selfies while wearing giant, obnoxious sunglasses. That’s my Jeep in the background; his name is Jerry & you’ll probably see a lot of him. (The boyfriend, too.)

I don’t cook, or garden, or do any of those cute DIY projects you see on Pintrest.. I’m also not into fashion or beauty, so that leaves my blog under the “Lifestyle” category. I am a photographer by nature; it’s a hobby I got into when I was in high school. I’m self employed in the world of social media marketing and I LOVE it. In my spare time I run an online/offline community called Jeeps of SoCal. I started it on a whim and it’s grown into something I am very proud of.

I am in the very beginning stages of this whole blog thing, so I can’t really tell you what it’s all about yet. I’ll figure it out though. Hopefully you’ll stick around!

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