Why I Can’t Stop Watching Bachelor in Paradise

NO JUDGING HERE. I really can’t stop watching Bachelor in Paradise. This is new territory for me! I’m not generally a fan of reality TV shows. (Although I did watch a few seasons of American Idol) I haven’t even watched The Bachelor/Bachelorette on a regular basis. Even this last season, I jumped in and decided to join my mom about halfway through JoJo’s “journey to find love”.

I know that reality TV Is somewhat cheap and I wouldn’t doubt that maybe some parts are a little scripted. But I can appreciate the Bachelor/Bachelorette for what it is. Bachelor in Paradise, on the other head, is a horrific train wreck and I can’t seem to look away. I just pour myself a drink and get comfy on the couch.

I love watching these people make incredibly dumb “dating” decisions just to get the attention of someone long enough to stay on the show another week. Like when Evan decided to go after Amanda… WRONG MOVE, BRO. She’s way out of your league.

Can’t seem to get enough of all the DRAMA. Let’s be honest, we can’t create drama in our own lives for pure entertainment purposes. Might as well watch others do it amongst themselves.

I enjoy rooting for the most genuine people, like Carly. She’s definitely my favorite out of all the girls. She doesn’t seem to have a skanky vibe or need to be the center of attention. I felt incredibly bad for her when she was told she had to make out with Evan for a minute and 30 seconds. If a guy’s kiss makes you puke, it’s probably not the right relationship to be in. Glad she ended that one!

THE CHAD. I can’t believe I’m calling him that. When I first got to know Chad on the Bachelorette, I kept saying, “this guy needs to go, now!” I’d read peoples comments about him on Twitter and think, “how can you give this guy any attention!?” He’s clearly an egotistical sociopath who doesn’t need your support. Then as I saw previews for Bachelor in Paradise, I found myself thinking, “hmmm… this might be good.” Then one night, my mom and I decided, “okay, we’ve got to watch this.” I got sucked into Hurricane Chad. Now that he’s gone, I sometimes think I miss that obnoxious freaking smirk on his face. *Facepalm*

Probably my all time favorite character on Bachelor in Paradise is Jorge, the bartender. Leave it to me to love the bartender. This poor man has to sit and listen to all this crap. Not to mention he’s in charge of feeding them alcohol, which ultimately makes things a little worse in paradise. Someone on the show needs to fall in love with him. Jorge for next Bachelor?!

The next episode airs tonight and needless to say, I’m pretty excited about it. If you’re watching the Bachelor in Paradise too, follow me on Twitter! I love live tweeting these stupid shows.


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  • victoria lee (@ohmissengineer)

    I love Bachelor in Paradise. People are so much more honest than the real Bachelor or Bachelorette. And it’s a shorter season and it’s less intense (in some aspects). Definitely gives me a good laugh twice a week.