Taste of OC – Hobo Co. Pizza

I’m comin to you a little late this month, but it’s better late than never, right? πŸ˜‰ Let’s just say I got distracted by eating delicious pizza. For this month’s Taste of OC post, I’d like to introduce you to Orange County’s BEST food truck! Hobo Co. Pizza.


Hobo Co. Pizza is local artisan pizzeria on wheels! They specialize in thin crust pizza, made to order, as many toppings as you want. It’s AMAZING. My go to is the meat lovers with black olives and mushrooms. They have a ton of topping selections, so the possibilities are endless. They tend to frequent local breweries in OC, which is why you see a ton of beer in these two photos. Mmm..

Seriously, how good does this pizza look?

Be sure to follow Hobo Co. on Facebook and Instagram to see where they’ll pop up around town!

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Let’s talk. Do you have a favorite local food truck? (Even if it’s not in Orange County!)


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Coffee Date (A Link Up)


Recently, Amber over at Mr. Thomas & Me turned a monthly “Coffee Date” post into a link up, and boy am I glad! When I first read her coffee date posts, I immediately thought, “this would make such a great link up!” So needless to say, I’m excited. I’m also excited that this gives me the opportunity to connect with fellow bloggers. I’m new here, so I’ll take any chance I can to talk to you all! Anyway, happy Monday. Coffee is much needed this morning!

If we were on a coffee date, I would be drinking iced tea, because it’s been too hot in SoCal to drink any kind of hot beverage. Not that I’m complaining about the heat! We’ve got a pool in the backyard, so I definitely don’t mind the warm weather.

If we were on a coffee date I would probably be wearing shorts, rather than jeans, because of the afore mentioned warmer weather. I feel more comfortable in jeans, because my thighs are a bit chubby. However, I have a sweet tan goin on right now, and I’d like to enjoy it publicly.

If we were on a coffee date I would first ask how YOU are. I’d want to know what’s going on in your life. Tell me something good that’s happened lately. What are you excited about? What are you looking forward to? No matter how small it may seem, tell me something good.

If we were on a coffee dateI would tell you how excited I am to be in a bigger bedroom. I’d confess that I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I’m 27 and still living with my parents. Even though I have a 2 year plan to get out on my own, I am STOKED to have moved upstairs into my sisters old bedroom. It’s still not a very big room, but holy crap, it’s so much bigger than my previous bedroom. To add to the moving excitement, I have bought myself a BRAND NEW desk! I know it seems so petty to some, but it’s a big deal to me. It’s bigger than my last, and I got a sweet deal on it.

If we were on a coffee date I would spend half the time looking around the coffee shop. I’m still listening to you! Don’t worry. I just LOVE people watching. Not in a judgemental way. It’s just that I love watching people be people.

If we were on a coffee date I would bring up that it’s July and half of the year has gone by already. How can that be?? I’d tell you that lately I’ve been thinking about where I was (in life) in January 2016 and where I’m at now, just six short months later. And then I’d probably tell you that I’m proud of myself and how far I’ve come. I’d ask what you’ve accomplished in the first six months of the new year and what you have planned for the last six months.

If we were on a coffee date I’d ask if we can do this again next month. And then I’d invite you over to my pool, because really, it’s so much nicer to work pool side than anywhere else.

Can’t wait to see you all next month. Don’t forget to check out Amber at Mr. Thomas & Me. This was all her idea, after all. πŸ˜‰


Taste of OC – the Aussie Bean

Happy Tuesday! Is that a thing? Does anyone get excited about Tuesday’s? Well, I am. One day closer to 4th of July weekend!

I’m very happy to announce my very first blog series, Taste of OC. Every month I am going to be talking about a place in Orange County to eat, drink and be merry. There’s dozens of places I’ve been meaning to try and I think this is a good excuse to finally do it.

The Aussie Bean is an Australian Style Coffee company located in Orange, CA. Gavin Wilkinson, originally from Australia, move to California, bringing Australian coffee with him. Personally, I think it’s the best in Orange County! Chain coffee shops seem to dilute the coffee taste with sweeteners and sugar. The Aussie Bean is by far the richest coffee I’ve tasted.


Their location is a historic building near The Circle in Orange, so the architecture has been here for many, many years. During the late morning hours, the place is a bit quite, but trust me, they sure know how to draw a crowd. The menu is short and to the point, making it easy to choose a favorite. I’m a big fan of the cold brew (brewed with ice over 12-16 hours, especially good on a hot day) and the Aussie Bean flat white. The most unique thing about this coffee shop is they do not offer any public Wi-Fi. Yup, you read that right. No Wi-Fi. What’s a person to do? Have a conversation with another person, face to face. It’s nice sometimes. πŸ˜‰

The furniture is one of my favorite details about the Aussie Bean. The tables and chairs are stamped with their name and koala bear logo! (Notice the koala has a coffee bean for a nose?) Outside seating is also available for those with dogs, or those like me, who like to people watch.

If you find yourself in the area of Old Towne Orange, The Aussie Bean is definitely worth a visit. Be sure to say hi to Gavin while you’re there! That Australian accent will always put a smile on your face. πŸ™‚

Be sure to follow the Aussie Bean on Instagram!