My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Hi there! I’m having a particularly lazy week, so I thought I would take the time today to share with you my favorite Instagram accounts. Instagram is probably my favorite social media platform. (With Snapchat being a close second.) I spend a lot of time on Instagram on a daily basis, and I follow a lot of pages. It was difficult to narrow it down to just a few favorites, but here they are!

1. Helene In Between – She was one of the first bloggers I ever followers, and I just love her photos. They’re simple & cute, and she always manages to tell a story of some kind. I’ve loved following her, and her hashtag #PhotosInBetween.

2. The Dainty Squid – Kaylah, another favorite blogger of mine. She has an incredibly unique style, and while I am not stylish at all, I love seeing hers! She collects all kinds of weird things that I enjoy seeing, like teeth things, and gloves. She’s a badass photographer, and goes to all kinds of cool, abandoned places. (All of which are now on my bucket list) Plus, she’s got a lot of succulents, which I am currently obsessed with.

3. The Daily Tay – Yet ANOTHER favorite blogger. Taylor is HILARIOUS. She’s pretty obsessed with her dog, Harlow, and while I’m not much of a dog person myself, I’m actually starting to fall in love with hers. (Amazing, right?) I can’t really put my finger on why I love her photos so much… Maybe because she’s quite often holding a glass of wine. Probably. Yeah, that’s why. Oh, and even though she’s funny on Instagram, she’s about a million times funnier on Snapchat. Seriously, go follow her right now.

4. Succulent Obsession – Succulents have become my latest obsession, so it was pretty obvious that I had to start following a bunch of succulent pages. This one is hands down, one of my favorites. There’s a lot of different colors, things to plant them in, different ways to arrange them. Way different than a lot of other succulent pages. It makes me want to go out and buy ALL THE SUCCULENTS. I would if I could.

5. PNWOnderland – I love looking at photos of the Pacific North West. It’s gorgeous up there. While I’ve never really had the chance to explore the area, I think the PNW is absolutely gorgeous. The photos make me want to take my Jeep through every inch of those states. It’s definitely another bucket list item!

6. Hot Pink Pineapples – I can’t remember how I discovered this account. Probably via one of the many blogging hashtags that I follow. I love it because it’s just so BRIGHT. I mean look at this photo. IT’S SO PINK. And all of Cyn’s photos are like this. I have no idea where she finds all these places, things, and buildings that are so freakin bright, but I absolutely love it.

A photo posted by Cyn (@hotpinkpineapples) on

7. Jeep Hood Shots – I don’t know if I have any followers here that are into the whole off-road thing, but I certainly am. I follow a handful of accounts that post photos of very nice Jeeps, but one of my favorite accounts is Jeep Hood Shots. They are all photos taken from the view of the driver/passenger seat. It’s amazing the views you can see from the front seat of a Jeep.

So, there you have it.
What is one of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? Maybe you’ll inspire me to follow it too!

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