The Gilmore Girls are Back!

I think everyone is aware that the Gilmore Girls are back this week. If you didn’t know that, I don’t want to know what rock you’ve been living under. I have a confession to make, though. I didn’t start the Gilmore Girls series until this year… When it started streaming on Netflix I was finally like, hey, maybe I should watch this, I’ve heard good things. So while everyone else was re-watching it on Netflix, I was watching for the first time. I quickly became addicted though and of course had to binge-watch as often as possible. Now, I am just as excited as everyone else that they are coming back to Netflix.


I watched this video on the Gilmore Girls Facebook page, where the actors/actresses are talking about all of Rory’s boyfriends.. They’re all picking teams, apparently. While I have different opinions about all the guys in Rory’s life, I think Matt Czuchry (Logan) said it perfectly. He pretty much said that these guys gave Rory what she needed at the time that they dated. With ALL the talk of Rory’s boyfriends, someone finally said what I was thinking.

Sure, these guys weren’t the greatest. But think about who she dated and WHEN. Of course her first boyfriend was kind of an ass and she didn’t really know that she deserved better, because you DON’T know any better when you’re 26. And then of COURSE you fall for the “bad boy.” And what teenager hasn’t gone BACK to her first boyfriend even though your mom tells you it’s a bad idea? And Logan.. Yeah, he was a bit of a douche in the beginning, but I think they really grew together as a college couple. Whatever your opinions are about these guys, Matt Czuchry was spot on – these guys were right for her in the time that she dated them.

I can relate to that all too well… Sometimes I think back to some of the guys I dated when I was younger and start to think, “my GOSH, what on earth was I thinking!?” But let’s be honest, I probably wasn’t thinking. Or, at the time, they were exactly what I needed. You learn from every relationship and you take that knowledge into the next. It’s the way we grow. With all that said, I am #TeamDean, #TeamJess AND #TeamLogan.

Also, you should watch this video about not giving out any spoilers…


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