June Photo a Day 2016

Since returning to the blogging community, I haven’t accomplished much. I have a list of “blog post ideas” that I’ve taken from Pinterest & other bloggers that I follow, but I keep running into the same problem.. “Who wants to read that coming from? I don’t have a following!”

I feel that because I’m new, and no one knows me yet, I can’t really write the more personal posts. Then when I really think about it, isn’t that the best way for people to get to know me?

So in the coming weeks, you’ll probably see some pretty cliché posts from me. I’ll share my hobbies, favorite TV shows, music, and my favorite things about social media. I also plan to jump in on the linkups & writing prompts that so many of you have going on.

The first one I’ll be joining is the June Photo a Day 2016 from Fat Mum Slim. I love photography, and I like the idea of being given a prompt and having to think outside the box a little. And what better way to connect with other bloggers than through my favorite social media platform!? (That would be Instagram…)


You can participate, or just follow along, on Instagram with all the hashtags OR follow me personally! Chantelle has even given every day a specific hashtag to cut back on spam. Awesome!



The only weird thing about this challenge is Chantelle lives in Australia, so her posts are about a day ahead of me. Which definitely through me for a loop before I paid attention to her location. Regardless, this will be fun! Can’t wait to see what the month will bring.


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