Let It Snow

I’m 27 years old, and I just saw falling snow for the first time. EVER. Yes, it’s true. It’s easy to go 27 years without seeing falling snow when you live in beautiful, sunny Southern California. Even with the mountains a short drive away, I managed to miss out on this for so long. Just two weekends ago, I was invited up to Big Bear for a short off-road trip. I knew that snow was in the forecast so I practically begged my boyfriend to take me. (His Jeep is better equipped for the trails in Big Bear than mine is.) So we left early Saturday morning and headed for the mountains.

Here’s the girls and I just a few hours before the storm hit. (Love these ladies!)

For those of you who have been through a winter storm, it’s probably nothing special. But to me, it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. One minute, it was sunny and the skies were mostly clear. As we made our way into Lake Arrowhead for the second trail, the sky got incredibly dark. First we got hit with rain and a few loud claps of thunder. Then, it hailed heavily for a while. John (my boyfriend, I should introduce him here sometime) assured me that there was a huge difference between hail and flurries of snow. So, I waited.


By the time we made it up to the start of the trail, we had full on SNOW. I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was. It made me feel very young and innocent, always a welcoming feeling. I didn’t get to play in it much, because I wasn’t quite in the right clothing for running around in the snow. I did, however, jump out of the Jeep to just stand there and let the snow fall on me. I also managed to snap this picture.


IT WAS AMAZING! I know, it’s such a simple thing. People in other parts of the world experience snow like this, and worse, every winter. But for someone who had never seen it, it was EPIC. The rest of the trip was a bit stressful, but John and I managed to have a good time regardless. We spent hours in Big Bear, driving around, getting out to play and being stuck in traffic. The traffic part wasn’t too fun, but the snow made up for it. By the time we got back home, I was already preparing for our next mountain trip.

Here’s the video of falling snow I posted on Instagram.

Where do you live & how do you feel about snow!? Are you as excited by it as I am? Or is it a normal thing? Let’s chat!

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