Photo a Day June – RECAP

I can’t believe June is almost over! Incase you missed the memo, I’ve been participating in Chantelle’s photo a day challenge. She blogs over at Fat Mum Slim and she’s pretty rad. I’m pretty sure she does this every month, as part of the 365 day photo challenge, and I just happened to join in June. But I’m here now! And it’s super fun. I’ve kept up via Instagram, my favorite social media platform. You can see all my photos there. But here, I thought I would show you 9 of my favorite photos from the month.

1. Key – They key to happiness is the key to my Jeep. It sounds so weird, saying the key to a vehicle is the key to my happiness. And it’s not necessarily the key to my ENTIRE happiness… but it’s a big part of who I am. Not only the fact that I love driving – it helps me think, or clear my mind – but the Jeep community has introduced me to so many good people who have turned into great friends.

2. Mistake – This was such a big deal for me. This one word, part of such a simple photo project, brought up so many emotions. I actually wrote an entire post about it. (You can read it here) But to give you the reader’s digest version… I’m really good at making mistakes. One of those mistakes was getting a DUI. I’m not as bad as I sound, so please, before you judge, READ THIS POST. (I’m not an awful person, I swear)

3. Cute – I just recently got really into succulents. My mom and I went down to Green Thumb and bought a bunch of little succulents. I painted this flower pot a pretty purple color and we planted all the succulents in there and they’re just SO DARN CUTE, I can’t take it. The whole pot sits on the table in our backyard and I’m constantly out there, just staring at the plants… Gah, I love them.

4. Partial – This is just a weird, artsy type photo I attempted. I took this photo at about 7am. I stopped for a Red Bull before heading up to the mountains for a few hours of off-road fun. I got very little sleep the night before, which is why I stopped for the Red Bull. Regardless of the lack of sleep, I had a great day in the mountains.

5. The Floor – I had a hard time trying to come up with something to photograph for this prompt. It wasn’t until the end of the night that I snapped this picture. I had come home late from a friends, was in the kitchen making something to eat, and I glanced down at the floor. I laughed again, because my mom bought this rug for the kitche, but it isn’t a kitchen rug. (I actually have the same one in my bedroom) But it’s so pretty and different, I decided to just take the picture. Not bad, if ya asked me.

6. No Filter – This was also a last minute photo. The sun sets around 8pm (ish!) around here this time of year. It was after dinner, and I had just pulled this popsicle out of the freezer and sat down on the couch. I thought, “oh crap, I didn’t take a picture today!” and just then, saw the gorgeous sunset that happens every night in our backyard. So I went outside, snapped a few pictures, and this was the one I liked the best. Simple enough.

7. Delicious – The beer I was drinking was only a Blue Moon. (Nothing special when your dad & brother are two of the biggest beer snobs ever) BUT, I finally gave myself a break from technology to sit and have a beer (or a few) with some friends. Turned out to be a very nice night.

8. Loud – I watched the hashtags for each of these photos this month, and for the prompt “loud” I saw a lot of photos of kids. I don’t have kids, so I had a hard time figuring out what to photograph. I went for a drive that day, like I do from time to time, and happen to pull over to snap a few photos of my Jeep. I got home later and was looking back at them thinking, “gosh that would have been such a peaceful moment on the side of the road, if it weren’t for that giant hole in the muffler.” Yeah. There’s a softball shaped hole in the muffler of my Jeep, making it… Loud. At least louder than normal. One of these days I’ll have the muffler replaced.

9. Sunshine – I took this photo today, but really, it sums up every day here during the summer. We have an awesome backyard, in my opinion. The water temperature is generally around 82 degrees, which I think is perfect. This is one of the main reasons I love working from home. It’s great to wake up in the morning, get a few hours of work done and then take a short break to hang out by the pool before returning to work. Okayyyy, it’s AWESOME. Summertime around here is clearly the best.

Well anyway, that’s it for the month of June. I’ve already seen July’s list of prompts and I’m SO EXCITED. It’s going to be easy somedays and challenging on others. I’m definitely looking forward to it.

If you’re interested in joining, check out Chantelle’s blog Fat Mum Slim for the July promps and hashtags. It’s fun, trust me!

Also, follow me on Instagram. I’m cool, I promise!


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