Would You Tell Your Secret to a Stranger?

If you don’t know what Post Secret is, you absolutely should. It’s the most beautiful community I have ever seen. Founded by Frank Warren, the concept is simple… Write your secret on a post card & mail it to him. So often, we carry a secret that can weigh us down or make us feel disconnected or unwanted. The act of writing your secret down and putting it in the mailbox, essentially telling a complete stranger, is designed to take the weight of your shoulders. And it does. (I’ve done it!)

In 2005, Frank came up with this simple idea. He created and printed 3,000 blank, self addressed post cards and handed them out to people on the streets of Washington DC. He started it as an art project. A way to set his own secrets free. The secrets came trickling in, and then suddenly, they flooded his mail box. Weeks, and even months after he stopped handing them out, secrets from strangers kept coming.


He started a blog in order to share them with the rest of the world. Every Sunday morning you can see a fresh batch of anonymous secrets on the website. Reading them, you feel less alone. I constantly find myself relating to other peoples’ secrets or wanting to reach out and let someone know it’ll get better.


Two years later, in October of 2007, Post Secret Community was launched. It’s a forum where people can talk anonymously (or not) about anything in the world. Seriously, no topic is out of the question. It’s the most accepting community I’ve ever had the pleasure of being part of.


Frank has published six books and been on a few speaking tours. I own all the books and was lucky enough to hear him speak, and get him to sign one of my books.


(Taken in July 2011, after getting caught in a Texas rain storm)

I also have Frank to thank for introducing me to this awesome chick right here. He didn’t personally introduce us, but he may as well have. Sam and I met online sometime in late 2008. We were both struggling with similar issues, and we clicked instantly. At the time we lived about 8 hours apart, but that didn’t stop us from driving in the middle of the night to meet up off the 5 freeway. We’ve had a few epic adventures, and even though life has taken us in different directions, she remains one of the best friends I’ve ever had.

So if you haven’t already, go over to PostSecret.com and read this weeks secrets. Remember, they’re updated every Sunday, so you have to keep going back!

Let’s talk. Have you heard of Post Secret before reading this post? Would you tell your secret to a stranger?


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  • Ooh, this sounds interesting! I hadn’t heard of it before, but I will definitely check it out! 🙂