Things I Have to Remind Myself on a Daily Basis


If there’s one thing I’ve learned for sure, it’s that I cannot minimize my struggle just because someone else’s struggle is worse. Therefore, I have no problem saying: My adult years have not been the easiest. (Are they for anyone, though?)

There are days that are rough for me, internally. I keep a smile on my face, but inside, I struggle. I have to take a step back and remind myself that my path is just different from those around me and THAT IS OKAY. It’s something I have to constantly remind myself of. Sometimes daily. It got me thinking of the other things that I remind myself of on a daily basis.

1. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.The struggles I’m facing right now won’t be struggles forever. I WILL achieve the goals I’m working toward, in good time.

2. Just because my path is different, doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s something I’ve struggled with for years. I’m constantly comparing my path to those around me, second guessing decisions I’ve made in my life. Wondering if I should have just gone to college at 18. Thinking how things could have been different had I been dealt a different hand. I have to constantly remind myself that thinking like that is a complete waste of time. It gets me no where.

3. Stop caring what others will think! I hate admitting it, but I do worry about what others will think. Not much, but enough.

4. Keep moving forward. There are days that I get so caught up in the “what if’s” of life that it distracts me from the here and now. I’m constantly reminding myself to forget what’s happened in the past and focus on the future.

5. Forgive yourself. I’ve made a handful of pretty bad decisions in my life, and there are days when I still carry a lot of guilt over those decisions. Forgiving myself on a daily basis is, and probably will always be, a struggle.

6. Above all else, be grateful. At the end of the day, (especially the bad days) I have to remind myself of all that I have to be grateful for.


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